Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008

The Arnett - Fullen House (c. 1877)

19th Century Gingerbread Victorian with Gothic Revival Style on 7th and Pearl Street in Boulder.

Original cost for this home, a lavish $4,000 back in 1877!

I love this house and have toured it several times. Its now privately owned and lovingly restored by a family.

As you can see the biker riding by in pic - Boulder is considered one of the most bike-friendly towns in America. You can get anywhere in this town on a bike or on foot and not feel like you are about to be run over. We have a wonderful tradition on Thursday nights - whereby, at times, over a hundred bikers meet up at a certain spot to then cruise the town 'en masse' - many decorate their bikes and themselves for the wild ride.


BipolarBunny said...

just beautiful.

Jules said...

Hi Sterl - you live in a beautiful place. Nice to catch up with your blog!!!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Perfect for a hlloween setting

Michi - Fotoblog said...

Itßs a wonderful house. A very nice shot.