Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009

Valmont Butte
This "hill" is a controversial site here in town.
It is considered by many Native Americans to be a sacred place. Allegedly the gravesite of many Indian leaders, a place for sacred rituals and a former home of a sweat lodge used in religious ceremonies. Now the place has been reduced to a contaminated (radioactive materials) hill surrounded by industrial mines, etc.
The fight by Native Americans to return this sacred site to their tribes and the allocation of monies to clean up the soil has been locked in a bitter battle for years.
It breaks my heart each time I pass it as it reminds me of how many sites across our country were stolen from the Native Americans as Europeans moved in to claim this "free" land for their own.


Anonymous said...

I agree w/ you - It really is very sad! It's a beautiful shot!

Lois said...

Nice shot, but it makes me sad too!