Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4, 2009

Lost and Found on the Cottonwood Trail?
I was taking a walk down my favorite little trail yesterday and spotted this rather 'crusty' old jacket on the post. Looked like someone wore it for many many years. And now, it's just blowing in the wind. I wonder who the owner was and if they loved this jacket.
Funny thing, jackets...they do have a way of growing on you--becoming beloved and cherished for years.
You find yourself saying,
"Where is my jacket? Oh gosh, I love that jacket, I hope I didn't lose it!"
My favorite jacket is an apple green down coat from North Face.
What is your favorite jacket and could you part with it if you had to? ;)


Unknown said...

I've had two favorite jackets and lost them both :-(

One was stolen (I think), leather, very nice.

The other was ruined in a recent car accident.

But, I'm fine...good as new, so if I had to choose between the jacket and me... :-)

Walker said...

I have lost several, still thinking about what great jackets they were. Darn!

cieldequimper said...

Great atmospheric shot, I love the blurred effect giving it that extra edge! Don't think I've ever lost one, I'm an umbrella loser!

angela said...

Great shot..I'd love to walk that path.
Jacket? I'm not sure I have a favourite. Trousers and t shirts definitely yes. I hate it when they wear out.